St. John's Anglican Church

Diocesan Synod 2019

The Diocesan Synod May 23-25, 2019

The Diocesan Synod for the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island met in Halifax. Our delegates were the Rev. Lori Ramsey, the Rev. Gary Yetman, Stephen Hamlin and Melinda Tattrie. A key result of the Synod included the passing of a motion to change the allotment system (the system by which parishes pay an apportionment for the work of the Diocese and wider church) to a system whereby exemptions are based on the Christian work being done rather than on the maintenance and upkeep of property as in years past. Another key result was the passing of a motion to join the worldwide Anglican community in its recent declaration of a Climate Emergency, with attendant goals for each national church, diocese and parish to lobby governments and industry for change and to reduce our own organizational environmental footprints. A highlight was the election of our own Stephen Hamlin as a delegate to Provincial Synod to be held in 2021. Congratulations, Stephen!

Comments from this year's attendees:

Melinda Tattrie

"This was my first time attending synod and I really enjoyed every aspect of it. It was so interesting to learn how things are changed in our church, as well as getting to meet new people, hear lots of presentations and collect materials to bring back to our church. I suspect I enjoyed synod even more because the theme of it tied into our theme from Clay, and the keynote speaker, Jenny Salisbury, was a speaker at Clay 2018. I loved listening to her. Some things she said, especially a few quotes she shared, blew me away, and left me with so much to think about and reflect on. I'm very thankful for the experience and hope to go again."



Gary Yetman

“When family & relatives gather together we are able to see their gifts and talents. When our parish family gathers together we see many varied gifts and talents. When our diocese family gathers together we see a great number of gifts and talents. All these gifts and talents enable us to share God's love with all others.”

Rev. Lori Ramsey

“My favourite part of Synod this year was our theme speaker Jenny Salisbury. She spoke to us three separate times about our being part of the story God has been telling in Jesus and about sharing our stories and how they can build others up. Inspiring and very electric!”



Stephen Hamlin

"Fun Times!"