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Godly Play

Every Sunday, September - June, our children and youth attend Sunday School classes using Godly Play. A sacred circle is formed with the storyteller and children and a story is told, using hands on materials. The children are invited to "wonder" about the story with the Godly Play storyteller. They then create a response to the story using art, words, or drama in any medium they chose. This is called the work time. The class ends with a feast; a simple snack representing our unity in the circle of God. Children are invited to bring their prayers and thanksgivings to the circle. Children receive a blessing on their week as they leave.

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Additional Christian Education opportunities for children and youth:


Life in the Eucharist

A six week educational session for children ages 7 and up to increase their understanding of the sacrament of Holy Communion. Offered whenever there are sufficient numbers to warrant the class.


Confirmation Class

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, which is the taking on of baptismal vows as a young person reaches maturity. Recommended age: 16 and up. Classes are offered as there are sufficient numbers to warrant the class.

For more informaton about Life in the Eucharist or Confirmation, contact Rev. Lori