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Holy Baptism

“We receive you into the household of God. Confess the faith of Christ crucified, proclaim his resurrection, and share with us in his eternal priesthood.”

This proclamation, from the Book of Alternative Services, welcomes the newly baptized and reflects what Baptism is meant to be. In Baptism we both welcome people into our faith community and entrust them to join us, in word and action, in living out a life in obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

St. John’s welcomes all who wish to make this important life choice. While our most common experience is the baptism of babies and small children, baptism may take place at any age; infant to adult. Baptism has to do with commitment to a way of life, not something “to be done” out of tradition or to fulfill the expectations of others. For this reason so-called “private baptism” is not our common practice in the Anglican Church. Baptisms will normally take place at the main service of worship on a Sunday, when the community of faith is gathered together. An exception to this is would be an emergency baptism for someone severely ill. In this case, our clergy would perform the baptism away from the church and should the person survive, we would joyfully receive them into the faith family upon their recovery.

If you are considering Baptism for yourself, or for a member of your family, please contact the parish office and you will be directed to one of our clergy who will be happy to discuss this important decision with you. Preparation will be provided and is required.

There are certain times in the Church year that are more appropriate for Baptism to be celebrated so there may be a period between your initial inquiry and the actual event. Baptism is a celebration of the whole community. We want to both welcome you and support you in your faith journey!

Contact: St. John's Parish Office for more information.



“Strengthen, O Lord, your servant N with your Holy Spirit; empower him/her for your service; and sustain her/him all the days of his/her life”. (Book of Alternative Services)

These are the words used by our Bishop, as he/she places his/her hands on those who desire to confirm or renew the commitment they made, or had made for them, at their Baptism.  This sacrament is known as Confirmation.

In the case of those who were baptized as infants, the policy of our Diocese encourages young people to have reached at least the age of 15 prior to Confirmation. Confirmation is an act of commitment following discernment that the time is right. It is not a rite of passage that should happen at a particular age. Each candidate will have an individual experience of God’s presence and action in their life and so will come to Confirmation at the appropriate time. Confirmation involves a time of preparation, study, discussion, and reflection.

Adults of any age are encouraged to consider Confirmation or to make a Reaffirmation of their baptismal vows at any time in their life journey.

  Confirmation is an episcopal office and can only be celebrated when the Bishop visits the parish or the larger region. Typically Confirmation is celebrated at St. John’s (or one of the parishes in our geographical area) once every two-three years. If you wish to explore the possibility of Confirmation, or Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows, or wish to be formally received into the Anglican Church from another denomination, please contact the Parish Office and one of our clergy will be happy to discuss this decision with you.

Contact: St. John's Parish Office for more information.



God our Father, you have taught us through your Son that love is the fulfilling of the law. Grant to these your servants that loving one another they may continue in your love until their lives' end; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

This prayer, from the marriage liturgy in the Book of Alternative Services, speaks of God's love and our human love as being interconnected. It speaks of the journey of faith taken by each partner and by the partners together. The Anglican Church believes that marriage is a life long committment made in faith together.

Because, in the words of the Marriage service; It is a way of life that all should reverence, and none should lightly undertake (BAS p. 542) we encourage you to contact our parish office as one of the first steps in planning your wedding. We require a minimum of 3 months notice before scheduling a wedding in the parish. Marriage in the Anglican Church is governed by National Church policies as well as local Diocesan policies and Nova Scotia Provincial law, so it is important that you discuss your intentions and plans before making firm commitments about other aspects of your anticipated wedding. Marriage preparation is also required. This will happen in consultation with the clergy who will be officiating at your wedding. We will be pleased to help you in preparing to celebrate this important day in your lives.

At this time, the Anglican Church of Canada is considering a change to its marriage canon which may allow the marriage of same sex couples by 2019. At this time, the blessing of civilly married same sex couples is permissable and may take place at St. John's, Truro.

For further details about holding your wedding at St. John's, contact our Parish Office.



I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. (John 11:25-26)

These words of Jesus affirm our Christian faith in a life beyond this life. The reality of death, however, is a challenge in a culture which is often focused on denying our mortality. When a death occurs, you are encouraged to contact the Church as soon as possible. This can be a time of confusion and stress, no matter how well prepared we may think we are. The church can provide both pastoral care to you and your family and assistance in making arrangements for a funeral service or a memorial commemoration. These services of the church can take place at the parish church, in one of the local funeral homes or at the graveside. St. John's also offers an accessible reception space and has a ministry of hospitality, offering food and drink for funeral receptions at a reasonable cost.

For information about our ministry at the time of death, please contact the Parish Office.


Call to Ministry

For all members of your Church in their vocation and ministry, that they may serve you in a true and godly life, we pray to you, O Lord.

This prayer from the rite of Ordination in the Book of Alternative Services, reminds us that all baptized Christians share in the ministry of Christ. From time to time, God also calls faithful people in the church to be ordained and to use their gifts in this way. The Anglican Church in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island has several expressions of ordained ministry including deacons, associate priests and full time stipendiary priests. If you believe that you are experiencing a call to ordained ministry or would simply like to explore the possibilities, there is more information available on the Diocesan website.

the call

Further Information

For more informaton about these and other life events, please contact Rev. Lori