St. John's Anglican Church

Welcome to our Parish

Hi everyone and welcome to St. John's new and improved website! We're so thrilled to have this way of communicating with you about what goes on at St. John's Anglican Church!

Whether you are a parish member we see often, someone who has connections with us but can't get out to church these days, someone who lives far away from Truro now but still wants to keep up with us, someone seeking a church home or just someone who is curious about us, this website is for you!

St. John's is an active congregation of people who want to follow Jesus Christ and share his love with the world. We try to do this through worship, Christian education and service to others. We are a liturgical church, focused on Christ's presence with us in the Holy Eucharist and gaining our strength for living from that gift. We follow the cycles of the church year, participating in Christ's life through the seasons. We live and move and grow in him.

Our website, we hope, reflects this. We will try to provide up to date information about our worship, outreach and activities. If there are questions you have that are not answered by what you see, you can contact us at Contacts on the drop down menu - About. Suggestions of things you'd like to see featured are always welcome too.

May God bless you wherever you are on your faith journey,
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Lori