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Terrace Hill Cemetery

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Terrace Hill Cemetery

Terrace Hill Cemetery is operated by the Parish of St. John in cooperation with the Truro Cemetery Corporation. It is operated according to the practices of the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Purchase of lots and columbarium niches is restricted to Anglicans. However, holders of lots/niches have permission to inter loved ones of any denomination or faith in their plot or niche.

The cemetery is located on Kaulbach Street in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Columbarium- Niches Available

The Columbarium was placed in the Terrace Hill Cemetery August 2016. This was a project that the Cemetery Committee talked about doing for several years. The area is beautiful with mature trees,beautiful terraces in the back ground. Parish parishioners now have another choice of where they would like to be buried.

Contact our Cemetery Manager for more information.


Lots and niches are available as follows:

Full Burial
  • Single Grave Site 3'x 10' $275
  • Perpetual Care $250
  • Total $525
  • Single Grave Site 3'x 5' $175
  • Perpetual Care $150
  • Total $325
  • Single Niche $600
  • Opening/Closing $230
  • Total $830

Additional opening/closing cost will not be known until time of burial. Niches will hold up to two cremations. Perpetual care is provided to lots in cooperation with Truro Cemetery Corporation (subject to change without notice)

Winter burial: From Dec 1 until April 15 no burials take place. Committal services are arranged in the spring in consultation with the funeral home, Rector of St. John's, and the Truro Cemetery Corporation.

Pastoral care at the time of death is an important part of the ministry provided by the parish of St. John. Our intention is to bring to the family and friends of the deceased person the assurance, comfort, and confidence of scripture-based Christian teaching and the best possible elements of pastoral care. We believe that a sound approach to the loss of a family member or friend will help those who are bereaved, not only at the immediate time of death and burial, but during the adjustment time that follows.

This commitment is founded in Anglican practice and affirmed in the guidelines set out by the Bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. To accomplish the aims set out above, we offer the following guidelines for funeral arrangements involving the clergy and facilities of St. John's church:

  1. The rector should be consulted early in the arrangement process, before final choices of times and the content of the service are settled. The pastoral care and guidance that the clergy are trained to provide is dependent upon early involvement.
  2. Funeral services by the clergy of St. John's may take place in the parish church OR at the funeral home chapel. It is understood that the church building is the preferred site for the rite of Christian burial, as the place of witness for the whole Body of Christ.
  3. The church does not charge a fee for ministry at the time of death or for the service of the priest, organist, or choir. Those who wish to offer donations are welcome to do so, but no one need feel obligated to offer payment. Memorial gifts may be given at the funeral homes or church, or to the cemetery manager.
  4. Interment services conducted in the Terrace Hill Cemetery are normally those of the Anglican Church of Canada and performed by the rector or the rector's designate. The rites of other Christian denominations are permitted with the prior approval of the rector.